My neighbor's bindweed *ACK!*

cheesecake983(7a)September 2, 2011

So, my neighbor has a VERY healthy patch of bindweed growing in his backyard, behind his garage, where his property butts up to mine. It is starting to "visit" my yard. I would ask my neighbor for permission to start killing it with the Round-Up-in-a-container method (which has worked on the other side of my yard where my other neighbor and I are battling a much smaller patch), but, he has moved out.

He was renting to help his buddy pay the mortgage on the house and now that he's gone, the owner is going to Short Sale it. If you aren't familiar with real estate at the moment, that means the house will most likely sit empty for a long time (especially since it's a pretty yucky house). This also means the yard won't be tended and there's no one to ask permission of.

So, my question to you is, would it be appropriate to go after the bindweed anyway? My pre-made container (from the other side of the lawn) are clearly labeled, so it's not as if someone would not know what it is. Plus, this is the one part of my yard that is fence-less (previous owner didn't put a fence in behind her shed where she wouldn't see it... weird!), so I wouldn't have to be trooping through the other yard frequently to keep an eye on it.

What do you think? I can't stand the thought of this invading my yard and I can tell by the number and thickness of the existing vines that it is very well established already (meaning a long fight ahead!)

Thanks for your advice!!

- Rachel

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I'm probably a bad neighbor, but I say go for it. If there's nobody there, who are you hurting? It's not as if you're cutting down a tree.

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Spraying anything on property you do not own could be considered criminal trespass and subject you to some time in jail. You can poison your own property but poisoning someone elses is never a good idea.

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You could apply Round-up to the vine ends that are on your property and it will be translocated to the root(wherever that is). Otherwise, pulling it up as it reaches your yard probably wouldn't ruffle any feathers. You would at least be controlling the growth in your yard.
Also, depending on where you live, might there be regulations about yard maintenance? Some cities/counties may require the listing realtors to maintain the properties. I've lived in areas where that was the case.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

What if the wind blew your tarp or a bunch of cardboard over it and you "didn't notice" for a while? I would cut it down before the wind kicked up, then let that tarp "fly." Poisoning it is illegal and there's an ethical debate. But if you do nothing, or just trim the parts that come into your yard, you will have millions of seeds from it. The longer that thing grows, the more massive it becomes.

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