Odd Vine?weed with huge seed pods

swhitehurstSeptember 21, 2008

Ok, I've check this site and others trying to find out what this thing is before i cut everything down. about a month ago this vine blumed and had huge clusters of small white flowers that i could swear smelled like jasmin? i mean just like it. Anyway, I let it run its course. Now there are dozens of large (plum sized) green hairy, not stiff spines. it seems there are 4 HUGE seeds in each one of these that drop out the bottom when it matures. Thery are very dark chocolate in color, flat and fairly large. ANY thoughts. the smell of these flowers was fantastic and it nothing I planted? All the posts i see are for things in the milkthislte family, but the pods are not right...and in very cold and wet valley area in PA??

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Picture would help in identification,
From your description, -- compare with Echinocystis lobata.

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add a pic plz

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I think I know what you have.
A white Wisteria.. Without more info, could be american or chinese
The pod starts out green and fuzzy, then turns a light brown just before they pop open and the seed is flat on one side slightly raised on the other.Like Old fashioned chocolate drop.
becareful. The seeds are toxic to pets and people.
I pull the pods right before they open.
Hope that helps you.

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The seeds are described as plum sized. Wisteria has pods like beans, not plum like fruit. We really need a picture.

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