Is there a green when ripe cherry? And what's your favorite red?

donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)July 8, 2012

Hi, all

I have grown Black Cherry, Sungold, Isis Candy, and Tommy Toes this year. I love the mixture of colors in a salad. Is there a green when ripe cherry? I would love it for the color, but of course, want it to be tasty too.

Also, what is your favorite tasting red cherry? Tommy Toes is a good plant and the fruit is okay, but I wonder if I couldn't do better.

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Green Zebra Cherry might fill the bill.

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I quite like Green Grape.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

My favorite green when ripe cherries are Green Doctors, Green Doctors Frosted ( clear epidermis) and Green Zebra Cherry which Gary mentioned above. The latter is not derived from the variety Green Zebra and tastes completely different; I don't like the taste of Green Zebra but very much like the taste of Green Zebra Cherry.

I almost forgot that another green when ripe cherry, actually oval shaped, that I like is Verde Claro, which also has a clear epidermis so doesn't develop the amber blush that most green when ripe varieties do develop.

I've linked to Tania's T-base below where she features pages for over 3,000 varieties. If the variety name is known it's much easier to scroll down to where you see search via the alphabetical method. For each variety there's usually pictures, comments from others and then scroll way down and seed sources for that variety.

As for red cherries there are many many threads here at DG about red cherries that you can find by doing a search at the bottom of the page, so I'll just briefly mention some that I like amongst the many that I've grown.

Chadwick's, aka Camp Joy
Gardener's Delight, an oldie but great variety
Casino Chips

Above is a link from Tania's site with a couple of hundred cherry tomato varieties.

Tania herself also sells tomato seed and seed for other crops as well.

Hope that helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tania's Tomato Base

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As for reds, along with Gardener's Delight, i like Suncherry Premium from T&M.
I've planted some Berry F1 this season, had a chance to taste just a single ripe tomato so far and it tastes extremely promising :) I don't want to jump to conclusions at least until the season is over, but i think it might become my new favorite.

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Hi DonnaB -

Our two favorites (of the cherrys) are both Black Cherry and Sungold, both of which you said you've grown. They seem to always come thru in terms of taste, disease resistance and prolificness (is that a word?).

The Sweet 100's, 1,000,000's et al while prolific, just don't seem to have the 'tomatoey' (is that a word? redux) taste of Black Cherry and even Sungold.

The only cherry we've never cared for is Yellow Pear which, granted, is cute but tastes like cold cream. YMMV .....

Will and the Furry Ones in the OC

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