Poison Sumac?

samlawnSeptember 11, 2012

Does this look like poison sumac to you guys? I've had several yes and several no... Any ideas?

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Here's another shot

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The leaves appear to be the right shape, with that odd little point at the tip, but the stems do not appear red. Also, I think that there is one too many pair of leaves. Where are you? Poison Sumac is supposedly only found in swampy/wet places, almost entirely in the eastern states.

I recommend that you post these pictures in the Name That Plant forum, which is a much more active forum, with some amazingly experienced people posting IDs there.

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I am in the atlanta area, and it is far from swampy wetlands but there are an asston of mosquitos so its not exactly bone dry. I posted in the name that plant forum, thanks for the tip.

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Poison Sumac is not a very common plant and it grows in fairly wet areas. It is more common in the more southern areas of the country then in the north. Staghorn Sumac is much more common and is not a problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poison Sumac

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I've been trying to get an ID on this to see if it is poison sumac and came across this post. Does this look like poison sumac? It is growing along a canal bank in South Florida, has reddish leaf stems, and what looks like a similar flower.

Last week I got what looked like two red scratches on my arm which then turned into severe blisters. They never itched though and I've been trying to come up with a cause. I've actually pruned this mystery tree several times without any issues and I can't recall specifically touching it prior to getting the skin reaction either.

Ideas? Thanks.

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outcide, did you look at the link above and compare what you have with the images in that link?

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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

The second one is definitely not the plant I know of as Poison Sumac, Toxicodendron vernix. The leaves are very different, for starters. Don't know what it is, though.

The original poster's pictures might be that but I don't think so - they just don't look right. Looks more like wisteria to me; that will seed around and doesn't necessarily flower if it's not getting enough light.

Poison sumac is actually a rather attractive plant but it isn't very common.


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