Is this a weed?

tyriekmSeptember 18, 2010

I was wondering if someone could confirm what kind of weed this is...or if it is even a weed at all. I'm brand new to gardening, but I just bought a house so I'd like to have a nice front garden.

Image link:

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Here's another's the large plant in the middle to the left of the oversized rose bush.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Looks like a tulip tree seedling, Liriodendron tulipifera. Some would not consider it a weed but rather, transplant it while dormant in the spring to a location where it has plenty of room to grow. Interesting flowers and seed heads.

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A "weed" is any plant you do not want growing where you do not want it to grow. This could be a Tulip Tree, aka Tulip Poplar and if you decide it is somehting you want trhe best time to trasnplant it is in the fall just after it goes dormant (looses its leaves)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tulip tree

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