Weed identification help, please

bsinge50September 15, 2013

Hello everyone,
I am sorry if this has been posted, but I don't know what to search for or how to otherwise figure out what this is.

I live in Maryland, near Washington DC and this thing has taken over my lawn over the past couple of weeks. I've sprayed a product called Sedgehammer a few times, since it kind of looks like a nutsedge and it took care of a similar looking weed, but this one won't respond to it, or other lawn weed control chemicals.

Again, sorry if this is misposted, and thank you for any help in identifying or recommendations for treatment.

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Here is another picture, if it helps.

Thanks again, GW forum.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Crab grass.....an annual weed.......when it goes to seed, you will have more next season......
You can use a "pre-emergent herbicide for crab grass next spring before the seeds germinate......
Google it and the herbicide for more info.....

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Roger, thank you for the help.

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