photosensitive weeds-toxicicity and animals

ranchgalSeptember 16, 2007

i've got a few pictures up on my blog. If anyone can identify these i'd really appreciate it. You'll see the pictures of my pet pig and what one of these (or others not pictured) did to my pig when he ate it.


wild spurges

st. johns wort


alsike clovers

all are photosensitive toxic agents to animals. Please take care and familiarize yourself to them if you have animals. They are very toxic. this plant didn't kill my pet but its made our lives awful for the last month...

also if you do have animals and weeds, get some activated charcoal to keep on hand. I'm sure this is what saved him.

The weeds yet unidentified are here:

(scroll down under the piggy pictures)

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Did you take your pig to the vet. His poor skin looks more like a lice infection than some thing he ate. Look deep in his ears to see if there is any movement. They may look like dried skin flakes.

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Yes thanks for your concern. piggy is being seen by a vet. that is why he is convinced its a phototoxicity issue. No lice. we worm regularily.

In my research and requests i've found a few of the weeds and what they are. But still have a few more unidentified. if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


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carol_the_dabbler(Z5/6 Indiana)

Please note that we "human animals" can be affected by these plants, too! In particular, buckwheat greens (i.e., the plant tops, as distinguished from the seeds, which are not phototoxic) are sometimes used as a salad green, in green smoothies, or for juicing, and St. Johnswort is a medicinal herb used to alleviate depression.

I am in the process of healing from the effects of including buckwheat greens in my daily diet. I'll post a link to a really good article that tells what it's like.

Sorry I don't recognize any of your mystery plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buckwheat Toxicity Article

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