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molotov27September 15, 2007


I need some help identifying these weeds. I'm in a hot & humid climate. They are slowly but surely taking increasing their coverage. I've tried pulling them out & even some chemicals, but to no avail. I greatly appreciate any help.

Overall view (there are two types of weeds here:

Weed #1

Weed #2:

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i can't necessarily point it out. but i'm in the same boat. looking up weeds is extraordinarily difficult. if you find someone that can identify let me know. ranchgal@snappydsl.net. I'm trying to figure out what made one of my livestock ill...

here are some sites i've found that might help you. I know i've seen that two toned leaf before.




Here is beneficial plant use site;

the weeds i'm trying to identify are on my blog.

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anyone else care to take a shot at these weeds? I'll greatly appreciate it.

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The second one looks like spotted spurge. Very hard to get rid of.

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I initially thought of spotted spurge, but according to all the info that I have found it has red "spots". This one has cream or white sports in the middle of the leaf, so I have reject it as a possibility.

Anyone else?

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