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scottsmith(9)July 13, 2014

Let me introduce myself.

Not new to gardening, but new to container gardening.

I was inspired by my fathers garden while visiting Fathers Day. I started my own container garden. I use 5 gal buckets with good potting mix and drainage. I started seeds in 6 buckets and bought 3 heat resistant plants from BBS. I also planted two eggplants.

Seed were Honey Delight, Patio Princess, Big Bush Patio, and SS 100 cherry. The transplants were Solar Fire and Florida 91.

I live in SE Texas. I am watering twice daily as is is dry, hot, and the buckets are sitting on concrete.

The three transplants are loaded with blooms. The seedlings are all about 8-10" tall and have been thinned to one per bucket. I started the seeds in the buckets and added PM to the buckets to mimic deep planting.

I love my little garden and no weeding. I love the site and cannot believe how the internet has changed gardening. Next year I am already planning SW buckets.

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Welcome to the forum and to container gardening. There are many of us who container garden, myself included. It's another way to garden and has it's own challenges. I've switched from containers to smart pots which are fabric and really like them. If you go to the container forum you will learn a great deal about container mix, Al's 5-1-1 mix which many of us use with great results. Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention XX is the heading. Good luck and keep us posted. Are you able to put those buckets on something to elevate them a bit off the hot concrete? Also, fertilizing frequently but in weaker concentration is important with growing in containers.

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thanks Sharon

I have been thinking about putting them on some 2x4's to get them off the ground.

I have been using MG 1/2 strength twice a week.

I did not find out about Al's PM until it was too late. Will probably use it next year.

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