What is this?

terryr(z5a IL)September 10, 2010

I don't like to look dumb, but in this case, I can't help it...lol...! This guy, or gal, was on our house late last night. What is it? Frog, toad? None of those? I have not a clue. And why was it on our house? Lots of places to hide in the yard...



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Only frogs have the suction cup toes, and only those that are arboreal. I'm not sure which of the treefrogs this might be.

It was probably on your house because it has spied a food source....maybe insects attracted to the lights at night.

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terrene(5b MA)

Looks like a little Tree frog to me. Two years ago, we had a very wet summer and there were tree frogs in the yard (which is an upland lot). Went out one night and found this little guy on the side of the house, catching bugs by the outdoor light. He was so tiny! About the size of a fingernail.

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terryr(z5a IL)

Thank you rhizo and terrene!

This one was a little more than an inch. When I think of a tree frog, I think of one like yours terrene. Green. A friends daughter had some in an aquarium and they were all green, so I never thought tree frog for mine.
We've been dry this summer, so this is cool. I hope when there's one there's more!

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Tree frogs we have change color according to background. We searched our porch by ear once tring to find the little buggers. They were right there under the gray railing, when we removed them and put them on the deck they slowing changed to a brown. Cute little guys BUT loud.

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terryr(z5a IL)

That's interesting, laturcotte1. I heard "mine" a few more times, but I never saw him or her. boo

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