Help! Grass or weed and how to get rid of

finchelover(5b-6)September 27, 2009

This grass is all over my flower beds. Having arthirits it is so hard for me to take care of my flower beds. I tried spraying, putting down cardboard,mulch and darn stuff still comes back. My daughter says its not Johnson grass or grabgrass when she was cleaning up she says it has a root 4 ft or more long. Does anyone know what kind of grass it is. It grows up about foot with slender side leaves?? amd the extremely long roots/

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Quack Grass spreads by rhizomes, roots, that can get quite long. I have pulled out Quack Grass roots that were 6 feet long in one piece. I find that these roots will have growth nodes every 6 to 8 inches along that rhizome, places where new green growth will come from. The only way to eliminate this grass is to dig it out and put barriers in the way of the rhizomes so they do not reinvade that bed.

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