tomatoes cracking

clinchbilly(6)July 29, 2014

Is there anyway to stop tomatoes from cracking, even the green ones are cracking.

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while you can not stop rain, there are watering problems you can try to work with or make note for next year- i.e. raised gardens, heavy mulching with leaves etc
some varieties are prone more to cracking than others

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Are you growing heirlooms? If so, it's likely "cats claw" from temps fluctuating too "extreme" for the tomato plants liking. It can happen with organic too etc.

I have 2 tomatoes on different plants that have cracks.. 1 large one and a baby one. "cats claw" isn't a disease and is totally safe to eat.

To prevent? Watch the weather and cover the plants when too cool out at night.

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Some varieties are worse than others but I even have episodes of cracking in my high tunnels where plants are esentially covered and the critical factors are more controlable. I find that running circulation fans for an hour each morning to dry plants (and fruits) goes a long way to minimize cracking. However if the weather turns from dry to foggy dampness every morning your only recourse is those crack resistant varieties. I've never seen a Rebelski tomato crack.

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My two plants/tomatoes that cracked were under the balcony and didn't get rained on.

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