strange yellow residue

orangedragonflyJuly 23, 2007

I just went outside , I checked my tomato's for any signs of ripeness , cut off any flowers that have dried out and not produced fruit. I walked over to get the trash barrels from the street, went to put away my scissors and noticed my hands where all yellow, with some strange yellow powder. My garden is organic and ive never used anything stronger than garlic spray and baking soda in my garden. Ive never know for tomatos to have a "powder" like residue on them. The variety was just labled "heirloom" so I dont know exactly what type this is, they (the leaves) also have a much stronger smell and the leaves are shaped a bit differently.

is this normal?

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perfectly normal.

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Thank you. I went out and rubbed the top of some squash and cucumber plants to see if it was there too, but no it wasnt. I was worried that the town sprayed for mosquitos or something . They never have but you never know.

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Orange Dragonfly,

My guess is that you got pollen on your fingers. Cool.


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