Pokeweed, Pokeberry

Calimoss(z10 CA)September 28, 2005

Hello All,

This spring in a large flower bed I found the growth of a clover-looking weed. It looked groundcoverish and since there was nothing else planted there at the time I left it alone.

When I returned home (late summer) I found that this "ground cover" had spread and growing right out of the center of it was a 3-foot tree! (Someone later told me that this "tree" was Pokeweed. I couldn't believe that a harmless looking groundcover could turn into a tree!

I had the tree pulled and the top 2 inches of soil completely removed (The 'ground cover' portion, though it appears to be delicate has roots that are wispy looking but incredibly strong) to try to get rid of it.

48 hours later it was growing back. I tried weed killer but that didn't seem to do anything at all.. I read in a book that pouring boiling water on weeds can kill their root system. I poured gallon after gallon into the flower bed and the next day dug up another 2 inches of soil containing the burned/wilted, dead-looking greenery.

It's been two days and I just saw a carpet of tiny little green heads sprouting. Help!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Pokeweed doesn't start out as a little clover-looking ground cover. So, I'm pretty curious as to what you may have! Perhaps you are observing a poke weed growing in among something else?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pokeweed

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