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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)July 29, 2011

I thought I had a handle on the BER thing. But now I am not sure what's going on out there. I threw out a bunch of half-rotten "greenies" earlier this month but everything else looked fine. Now we are finding that every tomato that is turning has BER, too. And many of them, as soon as they started to show a little color, I checked the bottoms and they looked fine then, but not now. I am SOOO bummed. So can anyone tell me at what stage BER normally shows up? We have now tossed at least 3 dozen tomatoes.



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Bets(z6A S ID)

BER (Blossom End Rot) usually shows up on the early tomatoes when the plant is not yet mature enough to handle proper transport to the ends of the fruit. Inconsistent watering, wacky weather, rapid growth of the plant (especially in cases of too much nitrogen fertilizer), or the soil pH being out of the 6.5 range can affect the duration of BER problems. Generally patience and time are the only solutions for the problem. None of the old gardener's remedies will work to cure BER.


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Bets(z6A S ID)

Sorry, I meant to add a link to the FAQ on Blossom End Rot.


Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ page on Blossom End Rot

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

So can anyone tell me at what stage BER normally shows up?

Technically, when contributing conditions are right, it can show up at any time. It is most common in young developing fruit though it may not be visible immediately. When found on breaker or even ripe fruit then the damage was already done, just not detectable.


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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

OK - thanks. I try to pull the "clunkers" ASAP to help the plants not waste energy on them, and most years there are only a few green ones then things even out quickly, but this year has been the strangest year. Especially when trying to grow in pots with torrential downpours and terrible heat in between storms.

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