What is leaving this feces?

ballegatorOctober 7, 2007

My dog was barking at a lugustrum stump today. So I called her in and then went to look. All I found was a small pile of feces pellets. They looked like little grenades: small barrel-shaped with lines on the sides, flat on top and bottom. Anyone have any ideas?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Check out images of deer scat and see if that matches.

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Sorry, I should have clarified... it can't be deer scat as I have a fenced in back yard and there are no deer for miles. I would also add that the pellets are about 1/4 to 3/8 inch long along with my previous description.

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Sorry to inform you but there is no place in the US that have no deer for miles. It just seems like it. Deer jump fences up to 12 feet at least. Ask your neighbors what they think they have seen recently. Without a picture it could also be a raccoon.

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You'll just have to trust me then when I say that it is not deer. And, according to pictures of raccoon scat I have seen, it is not it either. Guess I'll go take a picture of it so I can put it up here.

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Ok, I found this link that shows a picture of what my pellets look like. So I have to assume it is a snake that is leaving them. My concern now is that it was a pile of pellets (20 or so?) under some foliage at the base of a lugustrum stump. Is a 'pile' normal? How do I get the snake to move on and leave my yard?

(in the photo the pellet is almost dead center)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm guessing this is a joke, dead center in the photo I'm seeing is the snake. No big mystery to me.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Hm...that's interesting
A pile of snakes at close examination....that makes sense now, as your dog was barking at them!

Now, what kind of snakes are in your area?...hopefully harmless and nothing to worry about.
Snakes a very useful, they keep rodents under control!....lucky you!

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Three mornings this week I have discovered feces in my birdbaths. Each time I used bleach to clean them out. Are raccoons doing this? If so, how do I get them to stop?

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What did the feces look like. Feces covers a wide range of objects. Sorry I had to say it. Some birds will leave whitish strings in birdbaths.

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The feces looked like regular poop. If I didn't know better, I'd swear they might be human. Very odd.

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Have teenagers

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No kids at home, or directly nearby. I did run into this same problem a few years ago, and never did figure it out. Kind of creepy to think some nut may be doing this. Maybe time to get a nightvision camera.

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My husband died 2 yrs ago this week, and we used to say there was a strange smell in the house, unknown to us. One of our friends who handles snakes said when he come into my VERY CLEAN house,'YOU HAVE A SNAKE IN HERE SOMEWHERE!" I freaked. WHAT? He said that since he was a stranger in ITS habitat, it threw that musky odor, and sure enough it had a POND/TANK smell kinda fishy odor. Now, I have re-married and live with my new husband, so the house has been locked down most of the time, vacant at times. So we find this POOP/FECES in my bathroom floor. Freaky. It is brownish black and underneath it is white deposit and when dry, chalky. I am studying here on internet that its most likely a snake. Thought I would share this with people out there, for they do find theirselves in your homes no matter how clean or organized you are. I am somewhat a CLUTTER BUG.. but hey, NOW.. ITS OUT OF THERE AND ON TO EBAY! I have to find that thing.. like yesterday!!!!!!!! Just sharing.

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