how to re-root gardenia (cape jasmine)

puppylove2145June 4, 2008

i live in houston. my great aunt brought me some top cuttings from her established gardenia, and said they re-root if i stick them in moist ground. i've always wanted a gardenia, so i dipped the slant cut ends into root hormone, and into some miracle grow soil, and then watered them well with miracle grow bloom enhancer fertilizer. i set the pots in an area that receives about 4-6 hours of sun a day. the rest of the time they are in bright shade. i just need some advice on whether this is a good strategy or if i'm totally going at this the wrong way! has anyone else done this?



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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Elizabeth, I can speak only for what has worked for me, but I would never fertilize a cutting I am trying to root. Too, I start all my cuttings in shade or dappled sunlight, never in full blown Texas sun. Someone els may have something different to suggest.

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I agree. No fertilizer until they are rooted and growing new leaves and they need shade or indirect light. They can't handle full sun until they develope a root system and even then gardenia don't like full sun here at least mine didn't. You can mix some superthrive in your water and it helps some of my things get off to a better start. Its more like a vitamin.

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prairiegram(ZONE 8)

This by far one of my faves and about the only thing that likes growing in my yard. Easy to put in water and root or root in soil.I agree no need to fertilize now. My mother plant is in full sun, a house warming gift from 14 years ago that has supplied the neighborhood with I trim it back the cuttings go in a bucket of water on the east side of my house so far all the rooted cuttings have thrived with little attention. The smell of the blooms are wonderful year to year.

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so you just stick the cuttings in a bucket of water? have you ever done it in soil? if you have, do they look like they are dying before they take off? or do they always look pretty lively?? thanks for your advice!

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