2011 Winners and not...

woodcutter2008July 29, 2011

Momotoro is a winner for me this year. My only complaint is the lack of "tang" to go with the sweetness. I still find Golden Girl and a few other old-timers slightly better in flavor.

My experience with "Smarty F1" is not so great. Reminds me a lot of a smaller Juliet. Yields like crazy, but the flavor is (to me) quite weak. Still, if I had these in January for salads, I'd be a very happy camper. I hope that Mountain Magic will be better.

Sun Sugar -- catalogs mention thin skin that is not prone to crack as does Sun Gold, but they don't mention that the skins are thin but tough. Not a winner for me.

Bonnie Select? -- this was labeled as a Bonnie Original (indeterminate), but the plant is about 2-1/2' tall, and it is sure appears to be determinate, so I think it was mislabeled when I purchased it. Still, a good tomato with good yield and good overall flavor. I think this variety would do fine in an EarthBox (the real deal).


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my most pleasant surprise this yr has been a Burpee that I raised from seed called Sunny Boy. Big producer of banana colored fruit mostly round and many are softball sized. Several have weighed a pound or more. I will grow it again next yr.

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Woodcutter said: "Momotoro is a winner for me this year. My only complaint is the lack of "tang" to go with the sweetness."

We've been growing Momotaro for about 5 years now and it runs spotty from very good to fairly bland (last year)tastewise. It's very popular here in Orange County and of course, Japan where it originated.

My surprise this year is Kentucky Beefsteak - good producer and tastes great.

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