OT- draining a swimming pool - uses for water?

glitter_and_guns(7)June 12, 2013

I know this is off topic, but I hope you will indulge me a bit. As I have said I am a new homeowner in DFW. My house has an in ground pool that will need to be drained to be replastered sometime this summer. The water in it is absolutely lovely. As I am sure most of you are painfully aware, watering restrictions are already settling in for most of our area. My dilemma is that I just hate the idea of draining the water out of the pool and releasing it. Since I am "in the country" (but in a sub division) we don't have city sewer. The water will be discharged into the bar ditch over a period of a few days.

So I am trying to figure out if there is a way not to "waste" the water. There is no way that I can store 27,000 gallons of water. Would a volunteer fire dept use it to fill tanker trucks? My aunt and uncle have a pond roughly 8 miles from me and would probably appreciate the water if I let the chlorine level drop, but I have no idea how it would get from point A to point B or how costly that would be. Is there some way I could store it for a week and reuse it?

I just feel so wasteful. Any thoughts? No matter how crazy...

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bostedo(8a tx-bp-dfw)

You should be able to drop the level a couple feet or so just off the pool pump. This is 20% to 30% of the water in our shallow rec pool (no deep end). We shut off the skimmer and hook a garden hose to the service tap a few days before it has to be drained and let it water the yard through sprinklers or soaker hoses.

No ideas on how to use or save the rest of it, so would also be glad to learn of other options.

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When we bought our above ground pool, the company had a couple of inflatable holding tanks. They started filling them with our tap water so that by the time they had the pool set up (the next day), there was enough water to quick fill the pool. So you might check with a pool company and see if they have a holding tank you can rent while your plaster work is being done.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

That is a good idea, Marti, and it would save a lot on the water bill when you have to refill it. We ran ours out on the grass outside the fence...........about two acres of it, so it really wasn't wasted, but wish I had thought of a holding tank to save it.

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