Found tiny mouse in my feed bucket

paulsiu(5a)October 18, 2011

Lately, the chipmunk has managed to get into the garage and started raiding the bags of seed and storing them in my shoes. I managed to get rid of him by putting all of the food in plastic buckets. I accidently left the lid open one night and the next day I found this tiny little nouse trapped in the bucket.

I am used to city mice. City mice are fairly large and obnoxious. This guy was brown, tiny and fairly cute. I dump it out to a field in the back and it ran off.


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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Field mice are quite small and yes they are very cute....until they get into your house!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I agree, lisa, mice are one of a few wild critters I won't abide in/near my house (along with rats and rattle snakes.) They are rude, stupid, destructive, and gross. They will destroy any of your possessions just for fun, then go after your house, chewing holes in walls, and tear up your packaged foods. They'll make nests in your home, like in folded clothing or blankets, then poop right where they sleep. Disgusting! It's just depressing to think of all the things in boxes in garages or basements that I've lost to mice over the years.

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Field mice are really cute. I am glad you found it before it died and even better you released it.

As far as destructive you need to be proactive. If you know that you have a problem handle it. Look for places they enter and block them. After all if you have too many mice the rattlesnakes can follow them in through the mice holes. LOL

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