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CaraRoseJuly 22, 2014

I've got a bowl full of the 4th of July, Bloody Butchers, and tumbling toms in my kitchen already. The big 'uns keep taunting me but not breaking color, LOL :)

Tumbling Tom

Tumbling Tom on top and Megabite on the bottom upsidedown

Other tumbling tom basket

Brandywine in a 5 gallon container

Bloody Butcher in a 5 gallon container

4th of July. Doing pretty well despite being in too small a pot (3 gallon). These three in containers were extra plants I didn't want to toss.

Minibels in my shoe organizer. A bit too much shade in this spot, I think

Patio princess.... burpee labels these as a cherry??

Red Robin is adorable

My overgrown jungle

The 1 square foot tomatoes


Bloody Butcher

4th of July

Cherokee Purple

Big Beef is just loaded

Orange Roma is tall

Looking good though

Black Cherries

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Great pics Cara Rose!

Love the recycled shoe-organizer and that little cherry tomato that isn't (LOL).

Why doesn't your jungle look as messy as my jungle? You must actually prune your plants!

Thanks for sharing!

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