This cardinal

pondwelr(z5 WI)October 4, 2007

I have my feeders just feet from my windows so get a closeup view of the birds. One cardinal is lacking the stiff feathers that make his cockade. In fact, his head looks like he is wearing a black swimmers cap.

I also noticed that one female has no red tones at all to her underfeathering. She is just plain charcoal grey.

No pink, no rose.

Anyone else notice genetic oddities in their birds?

It kind of disturbes me. I rarely take photos, but perhaps I should do so. You think?

Is there a birding site that I should be posting to?


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In an earlier post I mentioned that I had seen a group of cardinals with strange coloration. The ones I saw were of mixed colorations and feathering. One of the birds had a black ruff arround the neck.

I am in Kansas City just north of the Missouri River.

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I apologize. I realized today that I had posted about a flock of robins with strange coloration. I have seen the black capped cardinals but the ones I have seen seemed to be going through a late molt.

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