bossjim1June 7, 2013

How long after a hobby turns into a full time job till it is no longer a hobby? Ha!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

My gardening "hobby" is a full time job for me now, Jim. Are you referring to your gardening or your construction of beautiful trellises, etc? LOL>

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The gardening, Carrie. I never get caught up anymore.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I guess it depends on how much one enjoys their 'hobby'. If it's no longer enjoyed it becomes a job, a chore that you have to accomplish. I'm having less and less of a problem in removing 'problems'. In fact it's become a joy to do so ... :-) I'm also developing more appreciation for negative space which is also a design element.

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My veggie garden is a job, my flower gardens are hobby. The difference is in the joy, although I'm sure I'll enjoy the produce this winter.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I still "enjoy" what I do, Roselee, even though it does almost overwhelm me sometimes. And like today, just when I get my day all planned out, something like the belt's coming loose on my smaller mower throws a kink in those plans. Now I have had to switch gears and move in another direction. Not that there isn't plenty other things to do, it just wasn't in today's game plan. I feel great joy in looking out to see my day's accomplishments. Hope I don't ever lose that feeling

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It has become somewhat overwhelming for me this year, but I knew that would happen when I had my large flowerbed put in 2 years ago. But hey, at my age I do just exactly what I want to do, no common sense at all comes into play, and I love it!

My biggest irritation this year is the nut grass that came in with the topsoil my son (the landscape contractor) had delivered two years ago; he informed me you can't get away from getting some, and I know that's not necessarily true. (Don't lie to your mother, sigh...)

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I was just a little frustrated this morning, after getting back to my 'normal' garden chores. I removed the cross vine from the pergola, it was pretty, but only about three weeks in the spring, and I wanted something that would bloom all summer. Then I power washed, sanded, and stained the swing. When I hung it back up, under the pergola, the pergola looked terrible. So then I power washed and stained the pergola. What I thought would be a two day job, turned into six, so when I got back to the garden this morning, I was sort of overwhelmed by how far behind I was.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Oh, JIm, if I were out of mine for six days, you probably couldn't find me for all the growth..................LOL> With the rains we have had this spring, been mowing twice a week to keep it under control. But then, that is one of my most favorite of chores.

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there is always something to do in a garden. Just when you think you are catching up, BAM! you take a look around and realize you will never be caught up. Gives you something to look forward to every day.
Tally HO!

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OMG!!!! Let me tell you that I was just now venting to a friend about my new found 'hobby'! I stress over my plants like they are my children. I dream of fairy gardens and this is NO joke! First off, I will tell you that I am completely NEW. I picked this up in April, and didn't really 'pick it up', we are re-doing our yard and have NEVER planted anything in my life. Little did I know that buying what looks pretty and putting it in the ground and watering it isn't what makes things grow. ( oh yea, and I didn't know you can drown plants, which is what i think I did to my gardenias) I bought hyrdrangreas that are currently giving me a headache ( i have 5 of them) I have done some research and I think i'm going to move them to a different spot and probably containers. On the other side I have gardenias that are adding gray hairs ( and I'm only 30) I have realized that I bought a bunch of fussy hard plants. Plus no knowledge doesn't help the situation. I am however DETERMINED!!!!! At the begining of the my street some one has beautiful growing hydrangreas, so I know they grow here, hers are I think in all day shade. My neighbor across the street has a beautiful gardenia bush and told me they were fuss free!!!! GO FIGURE, she also has yard people. Of course they're fuss free!!!!! Sorry for the venting, this is fun and will be fun ONE DAY when everything is established. :(
Oh but I've attached a picture of my min rose I bought at Calloway's that I moved into a basket I turned container and put in more sun and it's blooming. Slowly learning!

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