A vegetable garden question - pole beans

marti8aJune 22, 2011

My pole beans aren't producing at all. I got maybe four beans off them before the heat shut them down. They're green and pretty, but nothing else. I've read that they don't do well in heat and this was my first year to try them. I thought I might get more from them than bush beans which have one good flush and then they are pretty much done.

But with the heat we have had and will probably continue to have, do you think I should just go ahead & rip them out and quit wasting water on them?

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One year I kept my pole beans alive and green from late spring through fall to see if I could get a fall harvest. I didn't get anything that fall. So I would pull them. That's what I'm going to do with mine. Just too hot for them to set.
One thing though you could replace them with is cow peas, like black eyes, purple hulls, etc. They vine and love the heat!

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Yes, I've got a row of black eyes and purple hulls now. They don't climb as willingly as pole beans, but I keep weaving them through the fence. They're still trying to roam over to the tomatoes.

I think I'll plant some cucumbers on the fence and see if they will climb. I only have one hill of cucumbers and it is trying to take over too.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Last year I had good luck with Rattlesnake beans. Half runners and Yardlongs are good with the heat.... Saying that, This year , My rattle snakes have not done well. IT is just a HOT YEAR.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

So when you pick them they're already cooked! Handy! lol.

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Or dried! LOL!

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Growing beans is new for me, but I've had a few beans on these vines,
Chinese Red Noodle
Taiwan long black seeded
Tennessee Cutshort

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Ruth, I really want to come see how you grow so many things in such a shaded yard!!

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I just have a few beans climbing on my grandson's old swingset that I moved to the back fence. That area gets the most sun. It's shaded by tall crepe myrtles only in the evening.
Right now I have more weeds than anything else.
We've been gone for 10 days.

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I've tried various kinds of green beans over the years in West Texas and have had mixed results...usually poor ones. Someday I may come up with a strain that takes our tough conditions and produces. The suggestion about Southern Peas is probably very valid. You get some peas and you get some snaps. Good eatin'!

Here is a link that might be useful: In the Charamon Garden

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Lynn Marie

My purple hulls are doing great! Watermelon just started flowering too if you want to try that instead.

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Oh darn, I just planted 4 rows of bush beans!

Where do you get black eyed peas? can you just soak and plant the store bought peas that come in a bag?

Ditto on watermelon, I planted some early April and some last month and mine are going nuts, we just ate our first melon and it was amazing!

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I don't soak my black eyed peas. granburyflowergirl, if you ever come through Waxahachie, I have a jar of black eyed pea seeds from last year that you can have.

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I suspect the dried black eyed peas from the grocery store would work. I've planted dried pinto beans from the grocery store and they grew and produced just fine.

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Well I wanted to add that my pole beans are just now doing! I am so shocked, I have them all over the place, as well as cow peas, yard long asparagus beans and just planted a red runner, I am starting a new set on the porch and going to try and let them climb the porch- my regular bush beans did nothing this year though. Oh and I planted about 30 cow peas- They have taken over everything. I keep pulling them back, Just started new ones in a new section. We have full sun and very little shade here, but I did mix some cow manure with the soil.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

I have yard long beans and this year, they haven't put on a single bean and they have what looks like blight on the leaves. It wasn't the same last year.... they produced like crazy in the heat!

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