Attracting Fox Squirrels

chaoOctober 28, 2009

Does any one have fox squirrels . They are a lot bigger than a grey squirrel. Daddy used to feed them peanuts in the shell when I was a kid. There is a pair that comes to the house. You can tell the female is nursing. But she doesnt like peanuts in the shell. She does like peanut butter and pecans. Red

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They tend to overlap with the grey squirrel and behaves pretty much the same. For example, unlike red squirrels, they are not territorial. They tend to like wintergreen trees and likes pine cones.

In my area, I see roughly 50/50 grey and fox squirrels.


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You very seldom see a fox squirrel in our area. There was years here you never saw one. I think the only reason this pair is here is because the planted pines are over 30 years and there is a lot of pine cones.Where are you located Paulsiu. Red

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I live in the Northern Illinois area. I think the Fox Squirrel is usually located further out west. Since we live in the Midwest, there's probably some overlap. When I live out east, I never see one.


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Fox squirrels live from the east coast to the prairies. I was amazed at the different looks of fox squirrels. Supposedly 10 subspecies. The one that is listed as the Southern Fox squirrel looks nothing like the ones here. Our squirrels like nuts, oak and walnut. If you can provide nest boxes or leave old trees with chambers for them they will live in both of them. They also like cobbed corn.

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I thaught she wasnt going to eat a cheaper peanut butter today. But she came back and ate it. She is spoiled . Only likes Jiff crunchy. Still wont eat peanuts. Red

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

We have Fox, Gray, Black, Red and (less commmon) Flying here and a bunch of intermingled "mutts". All pretty cute.

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I used to see only Fox squirrels where I grew up about 15 miles from where I live now in west central WI. I've never seen a Fox squirrel here. We have Grays and two black ones in our woods. There was a pair of Red squirrels, but I haven't seen them since last winter.

I have never seen a Flying squirrel, but they are supposed to be around here.

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Watermelon rinds!!! I swear by it. I won't see any fox squirrels for days, the minute I cut up a seedless watermelon and throw the rinds in the back yard; they come out in droves and start eating the rinds down to the skin. Mind you I have peanuts in shells, cracked corn, sun flower seeds etc... In the yard at all times which they also love. There is just something about watermelon that they can't refuse. They won't leave till all traces are eaten up!! :>)

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