What have you turned over to the wildlife?

squirrel_girlOctober 21, 2007

This is my first year growing tomatoes. Dozens of cherry toms. are hanging from the vine, green as can be. I was beginning to think I was a dud of a tomato grower and then...

Two turned orange. A few more days to wait. Then, plucked by a cheeky little chipmunk. Cute little buggers left 1/2 for me to find on their favorite log.

I've left the next orange ones for them to enjoy. What have you "turned over" to the wildlife?

Squirrel Girl

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Pretty much everything in my yard is fair game for anything that wants it.

We only harvested one tomato this year. The rest are being eaten by something. Something also likes the habanero peppers, which is okay with me because we don't eat them. I grow them because their orange color is so pretty.

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loomis(Z6a Western MA)

I watched in amazement as my parsley plant was slowly sucked into the ground by a chipmunk, I presume.

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I watched as my dill plants were eaten down to just nubs by cute little green and yellow caterpillars. Then i watch as my mom and pop bluebird ate the caterpillars. Flew right onto my patio and nabbed them and then beat them on the patio and swallowed them down. I beleive they were black swallowtail cats. I had been watching them grow. The bluebirds had a nest of babies in my yard at the time so i know they ate well. They had probably been watching them grow too! LOL...

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marilyn_c(z9 Tex.coast)

Fifty acres on the bayou, about 3/4 wooded, three ponds, and the rest meadow...wildlife is welcome to it all. I bought it just for them. I do live on it, but I take up very little space.

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