How to Kill Thick Multiflora Rose Canes

achang89(Z6)October 31, 2005

The canes are wrist or even ankle sized, attached to the tree trunks and limbs. I can cut them down. But how can I kill the roots in the ground??? I can not dig them out. Not only it is too hard to dig, but I'll also disturb the soil and cause some erasion.

Any good ideas? Thanks.

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One way to accomplish this is to apply a herbicide labeled for this use to the freshly cut rose canes. Herbicides with triclopyr as the active ingredient are often used for this, and only a tiny amount is needed. This will kill the root of the plant.

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Or you can wait. In parts of the midwest and spreading a mite was released to carry a fungus that kills multiflora roses. It has already killed mine. The kicker is that it also kills garden roses that have multiflora roses in their heritage.

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