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maifleur01October 25, 2010

Last night I noticed that 'The Crew' had gathered in our old spruce tree. Is the first time this year. The are a mixed bag of finches, sparrow, chickadees and other small birds that I do not recognize. This morning a mixed group was working on the golden rod including several small nuthatches. The raccoons and opossums do not seem to be very hungry this year but the birds are. I have always thought it was strange that the spruce tree is over the most popular path for predator's to walk but does not seem to bother the birds.

The last couple of days have smelled and felt like Spring rather than fall. Starting to think of plants to purchase for next year. I have several sedums or whatever they are called now and hostas that need to be divided. The birds really seemed to enjoy snatching bugs from them on the fly. I did have one hummer that was addicted to one group of my hostas. Have you started thinking of additions or what you are going to remove because the plant did not attract or just was too rambunctious to keep?

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Started receiving catalogs so starting the search for friendly plants.

Has been strange this year have not seen or heard and geese flying south this year. May change now because parts of MN received 10 or so inches of snow according to weather bureau.


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