Cashmere plant

vannieJune 16, 2007

Does anyone know what this is? A friend gave me a start of it about 2 yrs. ago and while it hasn't died, it hasn't grown either. Hers is huge and blooming and everytime she asks me how mine is, I have to fudge a little. She's in Duncanville, and I'm in Tyler and chances are she'll never be here, but I need some help! This needs to grow. Anybody ever heard of it? I never had.

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I think I have it. I have heard it called Cashmere Bouquet (for the smell of soap). Mine has popped up in several can be aggressive. Has a bloom forming on a couple of plants. Easily pulled out if spreading too much.

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Is this the plant you are asking about?

If so, down here in zone 9, it likes a little shade protection from the hot afternoon sun. It is such a rampant grower, some say invasive, that I keep mine in a pot with a saucer underneath. It spreads by underground runners. Here's a website that should give you some ideas on care.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cashmere Bouquet

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Thanks! That's exactly what it is. Mine is in total shade. I will transplant it. The worse thing about this is I kept having to fib to this sweet lady that gave it to me. I'll make sure it gets some sun and maybe I won't have to fib anymore! Thanks again.

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denisew(z8 TX)

I saw some of this at the Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park in Dallas. They have it in their butterfly garden as a nectar plant. It is a pretty good size patch, so probably somewhat agressive.

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I think because, of itÂs bloom and the leaves, that it must be related to hydrangeas. I do work really hard to keep it in check but itÂs well worth the effort when you consider how few shade plants bloom like this. I cut mine back during the winter so I donÂt have to look at all the ugly sticks but it also gets pretty tall if you donÂt trim it.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

A friend is giving me this plant tomorrow so I just came inside from preparing a huge pot from which it can't escape.

I had it in the ground before and took it out because it spread everywhere, but for a plant this pretty that is so easy to grow in our part of the country it's worth giving it another chance. Besides, as mentioned above, the butterflies love it.

Interesting about the name 'cashmere bouquet.' I read that the term originally referred to the scent of goats (I think cashmere is a type of goat) and started as a joke, but it had a nice lilt to it and was picked up by the manufacturers of the soap. As I remember the leaves of the plant do have a particular scent, not altogether unpleasant, but sort of ...

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Clerodendrum bungeii
I planted it in deep shade, it moved itself to more sun. I've seen it in full sun here on the coast and in full shade in Houston. Blooming right now. Makes a nice cut flower also. Does smell weird though. Dormant in winter.
Keep a saucer under the pot, it will send a runner through the hole otherwise. I just dig it from the walkways & let it go where it wants.
Tally HO!

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how long does it bloom?

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