What is this weed?

dkelliher(5 ohio)October 10, 2005

I need help identifying this nasty weed and how to kill it. It does not respond to any standard weed killing products. Thanks!

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First file photo looks just like yours...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ground Ivy

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

Yes either that or common mallow, Malva neglecta.
Positive identification really is necessary to determine proper and effective chemical control.
What have you used in the past, how strong and how/when idd you apply??

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dkelliher(5 ohio)

Thanks! From the pix, it looks like both ground ivy and common mallow, but from a little research it sounds like ground ivy. I've tried Weed-Be-Gone and Scotts with Weed Control, which had zero effect. Any suggestions on how to kill it? Ever hear of dicamba? Thanks hankhill and Rosa - you've been most helpful!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It is ground ivy and proper applications of a dicamba herbicide would be your best bet. Trimec, a commonly used broadleaf herbicide contains dicamba as well as other active ingredients that greatly assist in the control of this difficult perennial weed. Continue your research to find out the best timing in your area. Timing of application is critical. Also note that dicama herbicides can cause injury to other broad leaf plants.

Ground ivy can take over your lawn only if your lawn isn't healthy. Make sure that you are doing the best job of growing grass and the grass CAN win the fight. Look at your mowing, fertilizing, watering, etc. to see what you can change.

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ajer16(z5b MI)


Sure looks like ground ivy to me. Hit it with herbicide within 10 days after your first good frost, then follow-up with another shot a couple weeks later. With that timing, even 2,4-D will give pretty good control. Even better would be trichlopyr, which is the active ingredient in the Weed-B-Gone product with the purple label. If you do decide to try the purple label stuff, be sure to mix it strictly according to the directions.

At this time of year you won't get the pleasure of seeing the weeds die, but they will translocate the herbicide to their roots and will be gone or greatly reduced next year.

Good luck,


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dkelliher(5 ohio)

Thanks A.J. I've had luck lately using products with dicamba in them. Two different shots a week apart and the ivy is clearly being affected. Many, maybe most, are withering away. I may give one more dose, depending on weather, then deal with it next spring. Will applying killer after frost begins have any effect? BTW - Weed-B-Gone did absolutely nothing at all to this stubborn weed. In fact, there's a big patch near the edge of my lot (which abuts the woods)that I treated with Roundup. Killed the grass, but has hardly affected the ivy. Dicamba seems to be what's needed.

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ajer16(z5b MI)

Ground ivy has a well-deserved reputation for being tough to control, but it, along with my own scourge, wild violets, do respond best to herbicides applied shortly after the first hard frost. At that time the plants are translocating photosynthates from the above-ground portions to their rootstocks for the winter. This is your chance to knock 'em out!

Some turgrass researchers have performed testing on ground ivy that showed good control can be had even using 2,4-D if your timing is right. Most times of the year 2,4-D has little efficacy against ground ivy (and my dreaded wild violets).

I've never used dicamba; isn't that an arsenical?


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Dicmba is a benzoic acid herbicide, 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dicamba

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It looks like ground ivy. Easy to tell if it has the square stems of the mint family it is in.

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Ground ivy had a very distinctive smell, so you can always identify it. Also, It creeps over the ground and roots as it goes, where malvas seed and make plantlets all over theplace, but generally do not creep

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