Getting rid of Bermuda in lawn/garden beds

rosesr4me(z9 FL_west)October 24, 2006

My neighbor does not maintain his front yard - it is "Weed Central". He doesn't mow, but instead uses a string trimmer which of course broadcasts seeds and clippings all over. Along our property boundary, bermuda grass is filling my garden beds and has now encroaching into my St. Augustine lawn.

I use organics in my yard, but this grass has become such a beast that I am open to anything.

Any recommendations? Also, has anyone had luck with any kind of physical barrier (edging, sheet metal, etc.) placed along the property boundary. I really don't want to go to the expense of a solid fence.

Thank you all in advance for your words of wisdom!

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Tricky situation you have there.

The seeds are spread by the wind, so I guess a fence is your only option.

You could try putting down a thick layer of mulch, like wood chips, something that the seeds would find it difficult to germinate in. Or even pebbles.

Its very annoying that he doesnt deal with it before it seeds everywhere.

A bit of help for you, good luck.

I have this weed at my place, but I have so many weeds !


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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

A thick layer of mulch will not stop bermuda grass! I tried to make a flower bed (about 5x15')and my husband used the weed eater to grind the BG down to bare earth. I placed a thick layer of cardboard over that and a thick layer of bark mulch over that. Within a years time the BG was growing through it. I then killed large areas with Round-up and sodded the area. Since my neighbors have BG also, I planted shrubs and trees along the property line and mulched heavily. On the semi-shady side of the lot, the BG hasn't really a problem but on the sunny side I have to manually remove the runners 2-3 x's a year. Generally it grows OVER the mulch, which makes it easy to pull out, but some of the runners grow under the mulch and "pop up" in the garden bed. On those I have to use RU. You really have to stay on top of it.

One thing I was concerned about...I was afraid the seeds would blow in from other areas but it's been 4 years and thus far, hasn't been a problem. I don't think a fence will solve your problem however. One thing I've learned about doesn't like shade. By shade I mean trees or shrubs. But mulching alone will not stop it.

Concerning neighbors make no effort to treat them, as in using a pre-emergent. I don't expect them to, that's their perogative. But you can use a pre-emergent to control most of the weeds in your lawn if applied properly. Also, make sure you overseed your St Augustine yearly. Weed seeds are very opportunistic and will invade areas that are thin or bare. A thick lawn will prevent many of them from taking hold.

Good luck!

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rosesr4me(z9 FL_west)

Thanks to popi and aka for your advice. I guess there is no easy way to control this grass.

Aka - never thought about overseeding St. Augustine. I will try that to keep it the BG out of the SA. As far as the beds go, it will be a monthly ritual picking out the weeds and using Roundup. Thanks again!

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use the product called Poast--can be sprayed over shrubs and used in lawns

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