Tree frogs, gree tree frogs and toads oh my!!!

LanieblackmonOctober 3, 2013

I'm new and my 1st post so bear with me. I live in Corona CA in a canyon. We have a 15' x 14' x 4' pond in our front yard. When the weather gets warm, here comes the frogs. I'm not talking a few, I'm talking to where they are on our front door, by the porch light, on the windows, on the house, on the ground and pooping everywhere. They also pee on the windows and leave stains and the white paint on our house is turning tan from these creatures. I mean I go to open our front door and they are hopping in the entry or on me. We've tried turning off the lights. We've tried bug spraying the exterior of the house. I know the pond draws them to our yard but why aren't they by the pond or in trees? I need something to get them away from the house or I will go nuts. As soon as it gets cool weather, they are gone. I realize we are the only one in the canyon with a beautiful green lawn, a pond, and lots of flowers & plants. But why the house instead? You would think they would go to the pond, the lawn or plants. I want something to get rid of them. any spices, smells, poison,traps to get rid of them.

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They are probably eating your mosquitoes and other bugs attracted to your lights. you're going to have to bear with them.


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I agree with you Nicholas. Light attracts insects, and insects attract frogs. Turning off your outdoor lights at night will reduce both insect and frog populations. Shut off garden lights and porch lights. Close the drapes and curtains in your house to reduce the amount of light filtering out from inside. Since flies, mosquitoes, and other insects are the primary food source for frogs, killing the bugs will deter frogs from coming to your yard.

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They are just there to have their meals. It will be irritating but they don't do any harm to you. I used to do the same, spray chemicals or bug sprays, but one day my daughter thought me something which I forgotten long back. She is studying in Sunnybrook School in Ontario, and they had a class one day about the frogs, tree frogs etc. That day she made me realize that these frogs and toads are important for proper bio balance. Stop hurting them and try simple steps like those mentioned by Walker.

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