Free-Roaming Cat Free I am

midwesternerr(5)October 27, 2008

After two weeks of "cat and mouse games" between myself, a nearby landlord, and a tennet who insists the cat wasn't his even though I saw it in his house and someone who lives with him said it was theirs, my cat woes are finally over.

Today I was able to capture the cat and take it to the humane society. Hopefully, they will find it a good home where it will be safe.

The tennet was worried about getting fined, so he stopped letting the cat come inside. It was outside for several days without food and water before I managed to capture it. Unfortunately, the negligent cat owner got off the hook this time, but the humane society is still looking into his remaining cat for neglect.

For the record, I have no issue with indoor cats, but I do make an effort to trap free-roaming cats and remove them from my yard. I don't even trap cats that appear to have accidently gotten out, I only trap the cats I've seen over a period of days or occasions.

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Nice job. You saved wildlife that was needlessly put in danger.

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