Which plants should I plant in a weedy area?

contulmiauOctober 4, 2013

Hi guys, I have a couple of areas on my property that I would like to improve by planting pretty plants and flowers. The big problem though is that these areas are full of weeds, including poison ivy, viny weeds, fire bush seeds, the regular kind of weeds, etc. These areas are next to a stone wall, under some trees, which are not very thick, so there is enough sun. The soil is well drained, and very light.

I pulled the above the ground weeds several times, and planted lilly-of-the-valley bulbs in the spring. Nothing came out. The weeds came back.

Another time I pulled the weeds again and planted pachysandra. Some pachysandra settled, some died, but in a month the weeds were up again, and so my pachysandra got lost among them.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem, and maybe some tips.

Just pulling the weeds doesn't do it. There is a great underground network of roots, and a lot of fire bush seeds (there used to be a firebush, which I cut down).

Is there any hope? What can I plant there, and how to do it correctly?


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What many call "weeds" are really wild flowers and many of these have root systems that can keep growing the plants unless they are eliminated as well as the above ground parts of the plant. That you have tried Lily of the Valley and Pachysandra with little success indicates there may a soil problem that needs to be corrected, so a soil test is in order.
Lily of the Valley will grow in most any soil but they prefer a soil well amended with organic matter that is near neutral, or like most other plants in the 6.2 to 6.8 pH range.
Pachysandra likes the same type of soil but prefers a lower soil pH.
But have a good reliable soil test done to see what you have, because many of what we call "weeds" do prefer a soil that is much leaner and meaner than that which most of the plants we want to grow do.

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Haha - I had a similar problem. There is a rich soil area full of recurring vines, tree saplings, and gets littered with hickory nuts in the fall (which inhibits growth of some plants). My solution - I planted tall, woody shrubs and fruit trees. The "weeds" keep the soil rich, while the understory plantings thrive as well.

Some tall ornamental grasses are aggressive as well.

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