Question About Weed Mat to Get Rid of Lawn/Weeds

KendraSchmidtOctober 7, 2012

I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of an awful "lawn" of weeds and strange invasive grasses, so that I can cover it with a mat, put gravel on top of the mat, and then begin cutting out portions to place garden beds on.

I found a roll of "mat" that was available at a garden store, but I'm not sure if this would be very effective at keeping the weeds out. Water can get into it. It's made of some sort of shiny, synthetic fabric. It's very thin. I've taken pics of it.

Can someone please let me know if something like this, paired with gravel, would work?

Or do I have to buy expensive lawn fabric to get something thick enough to keep out the weeds? Please help. Thank you.

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I bought something similar and it (MINE) isn't very durable. Look up Erosion control fabric. It SHOULD be thick and porous. The Erosion control fabric is more durable and lets air and water pass through. I have bought both and recommend the erosion control fabric. The stuff in your pic has a tendency to unravel if you cut it, and any stones placed on it may pierce it. I purchased mine on Ebay. It is light green in color, most of this stuff is black. These are my suggestions. You may want something different than what I think you are looking for. I hope my info helped.

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There is some research that indicates these landscape fabrics, "weed" blockers, are not good for your soil since the restrict your soils ability to breath. The relatively cheap fabrics, the ones you can see light through, do not do a very good job of unwanted plant growth inhibition and some of these "weeds" will grow right through the fabric.
Newspaper, cardboard, a good thick mulch (more than 4 inches thick) do a much better job of unwanted plant growth control.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I agree with Kim. You're creating more work for yourself when you have to remove this barrier. Removing it also exposes seeds that may then sprout. If you smother with an organic layer, (which can usually be found for FREE,) you can leave it in place and pierce only when/where you want to plant. Putting gravel in planting beds is something you'll eventually regret.

Do you need more effective borders? Thicker mulch? Why do you have a weed problem?

Mow with the outflow going away from planting beds, especially if the grass may have set some seeds. If I didn't spend a few minutes per week pulling sprouts and making sure grass isn't infiltrating borders, I would have infestations of several kinds of weeds and grass in a very short time. It really is easier to pull them out often while they're very small and not well-rooted, before they become a problem.

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