Declared war on clover

LisaH(6)October 2, 2007

First, I KNOW clover is supposed to be our friend, and that it's not supposed to get out of control in a healthy lawn, but I have had enough. We've had a couple of clover patches in our lawn over the last several years, but nothing I thought we needed to worry about. Suddenly this year the patches grew to twice their original size and showed no signs of stopping. I've sprayed the really bad spots judiciously with the Ortho product that works on clover, and have spent HOURS hand weeding. I've gotten to be master of a very small talent, gently ripping out two-foot clover stolons without injuring the grass.

I'm also planning to address the soil compaction that's the cause of the really bad areas, but it's difficult to do when your natural "soil" is solid clay! Before we put in our sod, we amended the soil with yards and yards of compost, and tilled it twice...but clay is clay. From now on, any time I see one of those deceptively innocuous-looking leaves, I'm going to find its stoloniferous headquarters and make mincemeat of it!

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

There are different types of clover. The friendly one that is nice in a lawn is dutch white clover. It probably wouldn't have two foot stolons... so what you have is probably red clover or landino clover, which aren't so nice in a lawn.

good luck on your mincemeat operation...

Here is a link that might be useful: types of clover

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Lisa, I too am over run with clover. It even grows in the potted plants which I summer outside. We sodded an area of the yard a couple of years ago and the clover is now growing on the edge of the beds.

My clover is white clover and it's so prolific that during it's flowering season I can't let the kids play on the lawn for fear of being stung. I hate it!!

Here is a link that might be useful: White clover

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Weed(OR 6/7)

I'm not familiar with the Ortho product for clover; however, any product with Clopyralid will completely kill clover when used at the proper rate.

Another method is to apply nitrogen fertilizer frequently to allow the grass to out compete the clover.

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