are these weeds? do you know what they are?

kadnilOctober 19, 2009

One is a plant who's foliae resembles wandering jew, is on spindly branches and have beautiful small blue flowers.

The other is a plant that has flowers that resemble green chinese lantern blooms. I wondered if this one could be chinese lantern plants that reverted back to wild/ordinary form. I had some florist chinese lanterns and just tossed them in the garden a couple years ago, and I honestly don't remember if they were here before then.

Oh, they both comeback every year. Don't know if its from reseeding alone or if the original plant comes back as well.


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The one that looks like a Chinese lantern is what you think they are perennials and do adapt very well. Dig em and burn em and keep and eye out for a season or two if you don't want em they wont turn back to there original time of purchase color. I can't help you with the ivy thing though. When in doubt pull it out. Post a pic of it if you can and maybe someone can help you more than I.

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