Strange night call from some bird I never heard

hobbiestNovember 6, 2011

I heard some bird tonight I have never heard before in all of my life. I live in north Knox county TN. The bird made 4 notes every time it "spoke". Was late. Around midnight. The 4 notes it made would each rise in a pitch. Whatever it was, flew very fast on the last call it made. I am sure it was calling something as it flew off in the distance. Wasn`t a screech sound but more like a mellow tone not high in pitch. Weird. May have been calling for a mate or hunting. Wasn`t sure. Anyone have any ideas what it may have been? What flies at night around here and "speaks" while doing so?? I have heard a few owls in the past but this thing was no owl. Not any I have heard anyway.

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Have you heard it again Hobbiest? If you search for "night bird" in this forum, a couple of the threads have links to websites with recorded bird sounds. Maybe that will help.
Or maybe you have a mockingbird that has learned to immitate a doorbell or cellphone or something. I've read that they'll do that. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: past threads with night bird

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I haven`t heard it since. The mellow tones it made were similar to a middle "C" started note. Kinda sounded like it was played on a flute. Does a mockingbird sing at night? I haven`t heard any do that and we have a bunch here in the neighborhood. After the sun goes down, it gets completely quiet here as far as ANY bird singing, unless it is a hoot owl...and that is rare when I hear them. It was also loud and far off ( 200 yards or so ) I am guessing it must have been a large bird making the sounds. I heard it well from where I was at.

I will check out your link about night birds. I really appreciate the help! :) This one has me tweaked.

Thank you!

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joepyeweed(5b IL)


You can find birds and their calls at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: all about birds

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