Terrible smell around the yard

paulsiu(5a)November 17, 2010

Recently I notice that the yard smells pretty bad, particularly the bushes near the front porch. Smells kind of like some animal has been peeing or marking their territory. It seems to only happen at night.

Possible night suspects:





Now it could be someone doing it early in the morning before I wake. With daylight savings, it's dark out when I wake up, but here are the following animals I see in the daytime


Neighbor's dog



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Deer mark their territory, it kinda smells like horse urine.


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As silly as it sounds you may be smelling the bushes now that many competing smells are gone. We have yews and at certain times of the year they may smell like soap to a stomach turning scent. Boxwood's are also known for scents.

It probably is one or more things marking their territory but you might want to break off a stem with a leaf and smell each separately.

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Boxwood smells (to me) like tomcat spray.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

If it is not the bushes themselves, I would suspect cat, since it is near the front door.

That seems to be a favorite place for stray cats to spray. You're lucky they haven't come up onto the front porch and actually sprayed on the door.

Unfortunately, cat spray odor sticks around. Then, of course, as soon as one cat sprays, the rest will come in and spray, and keep repeating.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Don't rule out natural gas. It can have a very different scent after permeating through the soil than it does in the home. Any gas lines nearby?


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