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cityaddict1November 25, 2011

>> Whenever the tree foliage disappears, it exposes a bunch of what appears to be bird's nest. I thought they may be built by Robins, there's certainly a lot of them in my area.

>> Recently, I am beginning to think they may not be birds nest at all. I notice a squirrel has been picking up dry grass and then dumping them to a "bird" nest. Unless some bird has managed to contract squirrels to build them a nest, I am thinking that these are actually squirrel nests.

>> How do I tell squirrel nest from bird nest?

>> Paul

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## Size, and sometimes location. A squirrel nest is typically pretty good sized, and appears to be loosely constructed of twigs, strips of bark, and lots of dead leaves. I usually see them pretty high up in a good sized tree. Google 'squirrel nests' and you can see what the typical tree squirrel nest looks like.

## Robins, by the way, build a very solid and heavy nest of small twigs and other material, packed with sticky soil or clay. These nests are usually lined with finer, softer material. They last FOREVER! You'll find robins' nests pretty low in a tree or shrub....often where you can peek at the babies face to face. Robins will build their nests where they shouldn't too! I've had them raise families on window sills (that was fun), and on my porch light (dumb bird).

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## Squirrel nests are huge! And really high up in a tree. At least the ones I've seen. It's fun watching them run across the back porch, jump down to the ground and run to the neighbors tree and climb all the way up...then disappear into the nest. It seems generation after generation use the same nest too!


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