Do you cull your fused/fasciated 'mega blooms'?

sleevendogJuly 14, 2014

...king flowers,conjoined flowers,or tomato sunflowers.

Rare for me for some reason. I've only noticed two out of 90ish plants. I suppose if i had many and experience proved to produce odd and rotting fruit i would cull them...
Maybe my climate with consistent weekly rain and temps steady almost every June year...?...just don't usually have bloom clusters like this.

This one seems to be growing out of the top of the main stem. Would that be a 'tomato sunflower'? ...and would this happen if the plant was top damaged at some point? Very possible since these starts were meant to be composted.

"It is not entirely clear that "king flower" implies a fused bloom. See page 67 of "Tomatoes" by Ep Heuvelink where the author seems to use that term to refer to the bloom, in general, regardless of whether it is conjoined or single."
"The terminal flower opens first and is referred to as the king flower. The king flower also has the highest number of cells in it. Why is this important? Because it will yield the largest fruit, appropriately called the king fruit."
"Infinite variation in flower structure abnormality exists in fasciated varieties."

Obviously i will watch these two clusters. Both are in the new tomato bed due to better than average starts. I kept more than usual. Unfortunately i don't know the variety until fruit. My planting assistant, DH, followed behind and wrote the varieties on the trellis support stakes and wrote 'biotone', haha.
(early on in transplanting to pots, not happy with my potting up mix, i took three of the same variety and fed them differently...then became bored with it as nothing mattered at the time or 'no change'...the name of the variety was on the other side of the pot).

qoutes above are from this past posting in the link...

Here is a link that might be useful: progression of a megabloom

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yes. Unless you are just curious to see what monster results and don't mind the lost production, remove them. Many of them are terminal clusters and if not removed can stunt the plant growth and production.

An analogy that is sometimes used to explain the effect they can have on the plant is the one about the giant baseball bat sized zucchini or cucumber hidden deep with in the plant somewhere and overlooked when picking. It causes the production on the rest of the plant to slow/shut down.

How accurate that comparison is is debatable but you get the idea. :)


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Just curiosity. If i had just a few plants i would cull.

A missed zucchini 'bat' is only good for target practice.

I do cull the asian pears as it does lighten the branch load and fewer fruit but larger size is preferred. Never debated as the tomato pruning often is. Over-loaded branches on fruit trees will snap off a limb....a lesson i learned.

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If it looks to be just a double bloom (2 fused) I usually leave it. If it is more than that I'll cull.

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I harvest everything... if too ugly to use as slicers, I just chop them up for salsa.

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Very interesting Dave, I never knew that! After the rain has ended, I'll have to go out and cull the ones I have.

The "king" flower is new to me to, as far as tomatoes are concerned. I know the first (and largest) blossom on a strawberry is the king berry, but didn't know that applied to tomatoes. Does it hold for peppers too?

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