woven polypropylene

foolishpleasureNovember 17, 2012

I saw on some organic agriculture site mats they sell and they claim to fully control the weed. It is made of Woven Polypropylene. They claim it allows water, fertilizer and air to go through to the soil. Also they claim it keeps the moisture underneath of plants. Its role of action it blocks the lights and the sun from the weed seeds so they don't geminate. They say it is very tough and can last 20 years (I say 3 will be good) It comes in rolls of 3 feet wide and 250 feet long at $100 cost. I can spread between the rows in the plant beds. I have to worry only about the weeds which will grow close to the plants which is minor. Did any body ever heard or used this kind of mats.

I am very sin-cal when it comes to weed mats after I bought some from local store. It was painfully funny the weed grew through the mats and getting red of the mats was a big disappointment task.

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If any material is woven loosely enough to allow water, fertilizer, and air through and into the soil it is a loose enough weave to also allow unwanted plant growth through.
The only reason to use a textile "weed block" is if you do not have enough mulch to do the job, although even with that material you would still need to put down a 2 inch thck layer of mulch to keep the sunlight from reaching the soil underneath.
Having used many different types of fabric "weed blocks" I would save muy money and just use enough mulch.

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