rose cuttings in San Antonio

texasfern(8)June 16, 2013

due to a lack of time and containers, I have rooted a bunch of rose cuttings in pots with my brugs. I have never rooted roses, and wouldn't you know it, they are rooting!
My question is when do I take them out and repot them. I have some doing better than others, but all have new leaves and growth. My thought was to repot then put in the ground next year.
Thanks ya'll

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Pat, congratulations on rooting the rose cuttings!

The recommendation when rooting roses it to transfer them into larger pots when you see roots coming out of the small rooting containers which would usually be four to six weeks after sticking them, but since yours are in a larger container where you can't see the roots I'd give them plenty of time, maybe a couple of months or more, to be sure they were well rooted before transplanting them.

Some roses are really slow about rooting and you can't always count on roots just because the cutting is leafing out. They often do that and never root at all. You can usually tell if there are roots by giving the cutting a very gentle tug. Once I had a cutting take six months before forming roots, but since it kept its leaves I waited it out just to see if it would finally root and it did.

Wishing you luck with all your cuttings! It's so much fun to get free roses ... :-)

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alameda/zone 8

My experience is the same as Roselee's. They seem to make leaves before roots. I would leave them alone, dont even pull on them. Maybe by fall you will see some real growth on them and can repot them for the winter then see what they are doing in spring. Growing rose cuttings is not for the impatient, but when they finally root - you have something to be proud of. I would also protect them from the blistering summer heat and dont let them dry out. I am growing alot of rose bands and pot them up in 1 gallon pots and put them in morning sun. Young growing roses cant take this intense heat that we are going to get in summer. Good luck, you will really have fun with these rooted babies!

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Thanks so much ya'll!
You may see another post by me asking the same question, brain in a jar syndrome, sorry.
I was checking on them this morning, and they seem to love their brug sisters! Seems the brugs protect them from the sun. How cool is that!
I will let them stay put til fall.
Thanks again.

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