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halloranedwardNovember 12, 2009

My name is edward. I am a gardener.I have been working on a collection of photos of tree weeds. I especialy want to be able to show customers a "before and after" price i.e.

15 cents when its 3 inchs tall and 600 dollars when it's 30 feet tall. unfortunealtely I am a gardener not a photographer dangit!Most of my pictures come out barely recognizable blurs.I would love it if any one could send me photos that you can see. It would also be cool if any one has had one removed recently could send a picture of what it looked like and the price tag for having it removed.

the specific culprits I am looking for include, alianthus, mulberry, catulpa, siberian elm, white maple, ash, box elder, mimosa, and, of course, honey suckle.

my email is

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Let me get this correctly. You want pictures of seedlings and mature trees before they were removed along with prices to show to prospective customers. Sounds more like you are setting up a tree trimming operation probably with no experience. Do a search for the type of pictures you need. Prices for tree removal and trimming vary too much depending on a reputable tree service or one that sees a sucker. Since this is a dangerous job you may need additional insurance purchased.

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