birds not coming to feeder anymore

eskimobaby87(z8AL)November 3, 2007

I have been feeding birds at my backyard feeders for about five years now. Suddenly, this fall, the birds are not eating out of my main feeder. I emptied the feeder and threw out the seed I had thinking perhaps there was something unappealing in the seed. Then, I replaced the feeder with a new one and I did change my bird seed selection at that point to one that is cheaper for me, but it's the standard Pennington bird feed. They aren't touching it either. I have another feeder with safflower seed, and they eat it, although not too much. I have cats in the neighborhood, and I've heard that when a predator is around (cats, hawks, etc.) birds won't feed. I don't know if that is the problem or not. I live in the warm south, fall is usually a busy time in my backyard, but the seed in my feeder hasn't been touched in at least a week. Any suggestions?

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Are you seeing birds go to that feeder and what kind go to the other one? Seems like a silly question but in some areas of the country there has been a lack of birds and those that are here have shifted their food sources. I do not know if the birds died, shifted location to find food, or what. I allow part of my area to grow weedy growth and grasses and in the past the small birds would sit on the seed heads and eat. The seeds are there but only one or two birds and those were after bugs.

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Honestly, I haven't watched the feeders--I've just noticed that the level of seed in them hasn't decreased. Normally, I have several cardinals, but I've noticed very few. I'll keep a watch out to see which species are coming to the safflower (none appear to be going to the other feeder). It's very strange.

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