Deer turnips

fez920(Z5)November 22, 2007

Anyone know what is best variety of turnip for deer in Wi ?


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Are you meaning to grow the root vegetable turnip to feed to the deer? I have never heard of this. They can have all mine ... that's one of two vegetables that I hate. The other is rutabagas.

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Sorry when I saw post I thought you were talking about something else brown and blob like. See link that suggests not only turnips but other types of brassicas for deer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deer turnips

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Yes deer like turnips,rutabaga food plots. Looking for best? variety of turnip---Typhon ? & seed source.FEZ920 Z5 Wi

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I plant lots of "whitetail gardens" throughout the growing season. I use a blend of rutabagas, white egg turnips, purple top white globe turnips and gold ball turnips. I plant them shallow in the soil so they grow primarily above ground for easier access by deer in the autumn and winter. I also plant some broccoli and brussel sprouts too. Neat to have humans and wildlife eat from the same garden. :)

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