Bird in Hornet's Nest

AcadiafunNovember 21, 2013

My new house has a hornet nest built under an awning, attached to a window. Last week I checked to see if the cold had killed the hornets yet, and saw a large hole in the massive nest. I also saw little paw prints (raccoon?) on the siding leading up to the nest.

Checked it out again today and a bird flew out of it. Do you think the bird was eating any frozen hornets or has he found a cozy winter home?

I want to knock the nest down, but can wait until spring if necessary. Thanks!

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Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

I would sure wait to see what happens. maybe its an old hornets nest that has become a birdhouse. let us know what you find out- i think this is a first for the forum. Min

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The paw prints might belong to a night squirrel or something really small and also it may be sharing a "compartment" with a bird...I'm dying to know what you've found out so far...I'd keep the nest up until spring.

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So far I have observed the bird flying into the nest before dusk. He/she must sleep there over night. So I will wait until March to get rid of it. Thanks!

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Noticed today that there are now skinny little twigs in the hornet nest. I think the bird is reinforcing his/her winter home.

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LOL- It's really making itself comfortable! Good for him/her!

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Here is a pic. There are two sparrows currently using the nest. Very cute to watch them. The nest looks like it is starting to deteriorate, hope it lasts until spring for them.You can see the bird holes if you look close.

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catherinet(5 IN)

I know this message is older, but wow........what a fantastic nest!

I found one this summer and it looked like yours. But it always had a larger hole in it. I'm assuming it was their main entrance. But after they were gone this fall, I went up to it and saw some fur in there. I'm thinking some mice were in there. haha

Its looking quite ragged now, so I don't think they still live in there......but it was out in the open.
I read up on the bare-faced hornet and it sounds like they all die off in late Fall, except for the queen, who hibernates under leaves or a fallen tree trunk, etc. I think at that time she already has fertilized eggs in her.

So I don't think you'll have any left-over hornets......but you never know. I had a relative who brought one in the house in late Fall and a few hornets flew out of it.
But from what I understand, they don't reuse their old nest, so if you don't mind, you could just leave it up as a birdhouse!

Those hornets' nests are a real work of art.

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