Problem with sticker bushes (briars)

digginforu2(7)December 20, 2008

I hope I'm in the right category for this posting.

A few years ago we had a timber company come in and cut down several acres of pines that we replanted.

Now that the new trees are growing in, all along the outer edges of the areas cut down, we have a major problem with nasty sticker bushes or briars. I believe they may be some type of wild black berry(?) There is so much of it that we can't walk along the trails we made from the fire lines put in by the timber companies.

Anyone know of a non-toxic, organic spray we can use to kill these, if there is such a thing? Any other method to control this stuff?

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There are several "sticker" bushes that these could be, wild blackberry (or a cousin), one of the barberries, and others. The bramble fruiting types spread from an extensive root system that needs to be dug out, there simply is no spray that will kill them, no matter what those that like to spray will tell you. The barberries grow from a seed, usually planted by a bird, and while really pricky they can be yanked out and do not have a very extensive root system.
By the way, any spray, dust, or whatever, that kills someting is toxic.

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