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aufinDecember 16, 2007

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what his weed is? This guy is quite agressive. Wherever it pops up, everything around it seems to be dead after I pull the clump of weeds out of the ground. I have it somewhat under control, but I still want to know the name of this thing. It's invasive and agressive......and I hate it. Thanks.

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The picture is quite small but the leaf shape reminds me of Nightshade, an aggressive plant that spreads both by rhizomes and the small red berries it produces that are a favorite food of many bird species.
The best method of control is mechanical removal, removing as much root as is possible. The more often top growth is removed the less food the rhizomes can store to generate new growth and as those rhizomes weaken and die fewer plants will emerge, unless birds keep spreading more seed around.

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Nope, not it. This grows low on the ground. No noticeable flower other than the parrot-beak looking seed pod shown. I'll try again with another larger photo......soon as I can figure how to make a larger picture appear.

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