Organic Weed Out - Raw Manure It?

voreasDecember 27, 2008

First timer howdy all, great patch.We all know fresh manure burns veggie plants,we are constantly warned about it or are careful about it. My question is this: can we use raw manure to k-ill weeds?I don't mean theoretically, I suppose etc.Does or has anybody done it?Success rate?I have a thick wild amaranth galactic size population ready to explode with a zillion seeds and before I invest on the traditional plastic mulch, dig or shake rattle and roll, I'd like your lights on this one. Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone.

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Amaranth seeds can live for years in the soil. You might be able to pile the manure thick enough to cook the seeds but it is unlikely.

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Fresh, raw manure because of the high and very soluble Nitrogen can "burn" plants, but since many seeds can live through the digestion process and be viable in manure it will not have much seed killing potential unless composted which will kill the seeds in the manure. If these "weed" seeds were covered with several inches of a mulch that might prevent them from germinating, but seeds have stayed viable in soil for many years even when deeply buried as long as the conditions for germination are not present.

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